World Of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming has been proven scientifically as an ability in which a person is deliberately aware of the events taking place in a dream – to wake you up and have a control on your dreams. Many people have an ability to remember what they dream during night hours. 

This supplies memoirs of rich inner world or you can say “World of Lucid Dreaming” that replicates what goes on in an unconscious mind. But, lucid dreams take one huge leap further to a kingdom of fantasy where everything you feel, hear, smell, see and state can be as bona fide as reality. One must have a conscious control to explore the private dreamscape such that it is an implicit reality world.

What does it feel like?

When in full lucid dream, you can notice every detail sometimes with greater awareness in comparison to previous days such as 360o vision or your presence at two places all at once. This is all world of lucid dreaming brings to you, as it all happens in your mind when in subconscious state. 

As such, there is no physical law lined up with this state of mind. This is because, anything you visualize turn into a reality. You can do what you like, delay time in Inception-style, fight like a superhero, have sex, revive childhood memoirs and lots more. Or you can say, the options of lucid dreaming are never ending.

But, you cannot take world of lucid dreaming merely a flight of the imagination; it is in fact a opportunity to get in touch with subconscious mind through dream characters. This article reveals entire class of applications for wide-awake dreams, so those who think that lucid dreaming is something similar to wish fulfillment, it’s time to think again.

Existence of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams has a wide assortment according to a scientific research, which proves its existence. Getting into the world of lucid dreaming is paranormal phenomenon that may actually explain baffling mysteries such as alien abductions or astral projection. Two famous experiments validate the subsistence of lucid dreams and they are “Communication through In-Dream Eye Movements” and “Brainwave Recordings During REM Sleep”.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

The day you will accustom how to have lucid dreams, you will discern an outlandish new world or a universe, of which you are fully conscious and can influence with power of consideration.

Besides controlling your world of lucid dreaming for pleasure and vision, you can also connect to your subconscious mind. This is because, lucid dream is a pre-developed experience, your self-esteem and comatose mind have a control on. In a normal dream, everything ranging from environment to characters, themes and symbols, all are driven by your subliminal mind that interacts through conceptual form and experimental memory.

Self-awareness in the world of lucid dreaming can co-create dream by deliberately performing any preferred action within unconscious dreamscape. With ultimate guide to dream recall and Mind relaxation, you can now have a hold on lucid dream and get to know every secret. So, it’s the time to take a ride to the world of lucid dreaming and experience the fantasy.